Sunday, April 5, 2009


recently, I was given heck for not posting on my Blog in a long time. Sorry.

Turns out last time I posted was december. I was working on my winter menu. We have started our spring menu, and I am looking ahead to summer.

I actually didn't know you cared.  I put these word out there in the "blogisphere" and never know if people read them or even notice. It is nice to hear that people check my blogs, although it gives me more of a sense of obligation to post regularly.

I also wonder what types of things I should post. I like writing, and have lots to say. But what kinds of things are you, the gentle reader, interested in hearing from me. Do you want recipes, do you want updates about the restaurant, do you want seasonal food things?

As a chef, people assume that I am so passionately devoted to food that food is all i think about. But ask my staff, I have an opinion about everything, and my opinions change daily. Nothing I like more than a good rant. I have an archive of stock rants that I pull out when needed, and I am always willing to create a new one to suit the occaision. (how do you spell that?) should I stick to food topics, or can I rant about politics, art, religion, rent-a-nerds, or what ever bee happens to be inhabiting my bonnet at any given moment. I wrestle with this question, but maybe I just need to relax and write about whatever is in my head.

Anyway, thanks for reading these posts, I have a few new posts that i am going to fire off in rapid succession, and then I will try to remember to post regularly. Please feel free to comment on these posts, I welcome the interaction. Or you can always email me at


p.s. i have just discovered twitter. Check it out at

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